3-C Nectar Bottling Co. of Marion, VA, the second bottler in Marion, was incorporated on May 12, 1921.(2) The officers were H. B. Staley as President, J. A. Calhoun as Vice President, E. S. Calhoun Secretary and Treasurer, all of Marion, VA. The bottling plant was located in the J. B. Rhea Building on the corner of North Main Street and Depot Street, today known as Happy’s. According to Wythe Hull two gentlemen who would become two of the best known and respected citizens of Marion, Mr. Quincy Calhoun, and Mr. F.A. Roland, came to Marion to operate the company.(1)

3-C Nectar was a cola which was produced by the Columbia Chemical Corporation of Roanoke, VA. The brand advertised that their brand had no caffeine, cocaine, or other habit-forming drugs. The brand was also bottled as far away as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Coney Island, New York. The company employed a stock incentive plan with their distributors, where shares of stock were given out to retailers in order to give them incentive to push their product.(1) The only problem with this was that eventually this stock was used to purchase automobiles, and other items, by company officers, which led to the downfall of the corporation, and brand, by 1925.(1) According to Wythe Hull's The History of the Marion Bottling Company, Inc. , the Marion franchise only lasted about eighteen months, which would be sometime at the end of 1922.(1) If you want to learn more about the brand then click on the 3-C Nectar Story link where I have the full history of the brand.

The J. B. Rhea building as it stands today.

A 3C Nectar error bottle from Marian, VA

3C Nectar from Marion, VA

The first advertisement I found for 3C Nectar from the May 1921 Marion Newspaper.

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