The Seven Up Bottling Company of Bristol, TN was established by Wiley R. McCoy in 1940.(2) By 1945 it appears that things are going well enough for McCoy to decide to expand his enterprise. Samuel W. Williams who had risen from salesman to manager of the Bristol plant was sent to Kingsport, Tennessee to establish a branch plant there in February 1945.(3) The February 18, 1945 issue of the Kingsport Times has a job listing for a Salesman to work for the Seven Up Bottling Company.(3) The Seven-Up Bottling Company of Kingsport was located at 312 East Sullivan Street with Samuel W. Williams listed as manager.(1)

Things were going well enough with the Kingsport plant that Alex E. Anderson was sent to Richlands, Virginia to establish a branch plant there named The Seven-Up Bottling Company of Southwest Virginia which opened on September 1, 1946.(4) By January 1949 the Kingsport branch was out of business (3), and Sam was back at the Bristol plant as advertising manager as listed in the 1951 Bristol City Directory.(2) He would be working as an advertising manager for The Canada Dry Bottling Company of Bristol by 1955.(2) The Richlands Branch actually flourished until the Bristol branch was sold to the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company in 1968.(5)

This is 312 the location of the Seven-Up Bottling Company.

7oz Seven-Up bottle dated 1947 and has Bristol, Tenn and Kingsport, Tenn on the back

A want ad advertising an opening for a salesman for the 7-UP Bottling Co.

9oz Mission Beverages bottle dated 1948 with Bristol, Tenn and Kingsport, Tenn on the back

9oz Mission Beverages bottle dated 1949 and a variation of the 1948.

9oz Mission Beverages bottle dated 1951. Technically this bottle shouldn’t exist. The Kingsport, Tenn. branch plant of the Seven Up Bottling Company had been shut down sometime in 1949, yet here is a 1951. Most likely they either had hopes of reopening the branch plant, the glass company applied the wrong back label to this bottle, or these got ordered by mistake somehow.

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