In 1929 the Watauga Bottling Works is purchased by William L. and C. R. Crouch and renamed the Seminole Bottling Company. William L. Crouch was Secretary Treasurer and General Manager of the Elizabethton Ice and Coal Company in 1928.(1) They continue to hold the franchise for the brands from the Seminole Flavors Company of Chattanooga, TN who would later create Double Cola in the mid 1930's, including Double Orange, Brandywine, and most likely other brands from the company. According to the Sanborn Maps the bottling plant has been moved to 1106 Railroad Avenue, which is known as State Line Road.(2) The company is listed in the 1930 edition of the Beverage Blue Book with C. R. Crouch noted as manager.(3) They are placing ads until at least August 1931, and then appear to drop off. They arenít listed in the 1934-35 city directories (1), which isnít surprising given how many small bottlers were ended by the Great Depression.

Today the building is being used by Jeffís Paint and body, although it has been renovated.

Although these two bottles aren't marked with a town name, these are the type bottles that the company would have used, I have yet to see one of these with a town name so it's very possible that none exist with Elizabethton, Tenn. embossed on them.

Ad from the July 25, 1929 Elizabethton Star News

Double Orange bottle cap

Ad from August 24, 1929 Elizabethton Star News

Double Lemon bottle cap

August 1931 ad

Brandywine bottle cap

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