I finally found an estimated date of operation of the Abingdon Bottling Works, this range is from early 1908, and is still in operation from March 1910 to March 1911(1) when the plant was inspected by the Dairy and Food Commissioner of Virginia. Due to an ad from March 26, 1908 which reads "Abingdon Bottling Works…Just opposite depot…soft drinks", I have the location narrowed down within a block or so in the general area of the present home of the US Post Office in Abingdon. I personally think that the fact that the Abingdon Grocery Company being located in the same area, and sharing a very similar name, is no accident and that the Abingdon Grocery Company itself may be the home of this particular bottling company. I wouldn't be the first time that a wholesale grocery company spawned a bottling works.

This was the location of the Abingdon Grocery Company which was in existence during the time period of the Abingdon Bottling Works.

From the collection of Tommy Fouch, photo by Joseph Lee
Bottle from the Abingdon Bottling Works of Abingdon, VA

Credit Charlie Barnette
Ad for the Abingdon Bottling Works from May 14, 1908

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(1) Third Annual Report of the Dairy and Food Commissioner of Virginia March 1, 1910 - March 1, 1911