The Canada Dry Bottling Company of Kingsport was incorporated on June 25, 1948 with Roy F. Maness, R. F. Bailey, and Howard E. Wilson listed as officers in the company.(1) The principal office of the company is listed as being in Kingsport, Tennessee.(1) There is very little information on this company, as they didnít seem to bother advertising and the only evidence we have that they bottled are through local grocery advertisements. According to which they were bottling Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Hi-Spot, Tom Collins mixer, and Sparkling Water.(2) The company seems to have continually bottled until about March 1950, and surrendered their charter to the state of Tennessee on April 8, 1950.(1) The officers mentioned in the dissolving of the company are John D. Wimberley as President, and Howard E. Wilson as Secretary Treasurer.(1) Wilson is mentioned as one of the officers who incorporated the company, but Wimberley is new, maybe there were some internal issues in the company. It is more likely that these two sold the company, because by June 4, 1950 the first advertising for Canada Dry shows up in the Kingsport Times; however, this time it is from the Canada Dry Bottling Company on Blountville Highway Bristol, Tennessee.(2) The only question left to us, with Canada Dry of Kingsport, Tennessee bottling for nearly two years, is where are the bottles, bottle caps, or bottler receipts? There seems to be no physical evidence of this bottling companyís existence.

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