For some reason there just doesnít seem to have been too many bottlers in Russell County Virginia. The only ones that do show up follow the rule of early bottlers of this area where bottlers tend to spring up in towns that are connected by the railroad which was the most effective transportation at the time. I have a feeling the Castlewood Bottling Works is another of those. As to who was operating the company, my best guess would have to be that maybe it was connected with the Castlewood Grocery Company in that area. It certainly isnít unusual in this area for wholesale grocery companies to also produce their own carbonated beverages.

So far I have found two different bottles from this company one is a Hutchinson Stopper bottle which would place this company's beginning earlier than 1906, this is about the time these bottles were being phased out in favor of the second bottle Iíve found a crown top slug plate bottle which is the closure we all remember. Other than that I have found nothing about this company, but as always I will keep looking.

From the collection of Charlie Barnette, photo by Joseph Lee
Hutchinson bottle from the Castlewood Bottling Works of Castlewood, VA

Crown top bottle from the Castlewood Bottling Works of Castlewood, VA

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