In 1923 a new bottling company would show up in Princeton, this was the Chero-Cola Bottling Company with Lindsay H. Swaim listed as operator.(1) It was originally located in the Elliot building on Scott Street.(2) April 14, 1925 the company purchases the former car barn of the Princeton Power company, located at the corner of Straley Avenue and North Third Street, they appear to have moved in by June 05, 1925.(2) In 1925 the company was bottling the Green River brand of soda, and Choc which was a Chocolate Drink.(2) The Chero-Cola Bottling Company announces the distribution of Salem Ice Cream by April 1926.(2) The Chero-Cola Bottling Company is listed in the 1930 Beverage Blue Book still under the ownership of L. H. Swain; however, by 1932 the plant has been sold to Constance A. Flannigan, and while it is still at the same location, but the name has been changed to the Princeton Bottling Company. It appears that the double whammy of the Depression and the successful suit against Chero-Cola by Coca-Cola in the late 1920ís, led to the end of this company.

1925 ad from the Bluefield City Directory

6oz Chero-Cola from Princeton, WV

6oz Chero-Cola Soda Water from Princeton, WV

April 21, 1926 ad from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph

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