According to the June 11, 1915 issue of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph J. M. Robertson of Matewan was passing through that town on his way back from Richlands, VA. He claimed to have been operating a bottling works and felt that he was being discriminated against, because the Virginia Pure Food Commission had shut his bottling plant down due to the water he was using being impure. Robertson claimed that he was using the same city water as others in the area, yet they were still allowed to operate. I have a feeling that this company was the Clinchfield Bottling Works which is mentioned in the Quarterly Report of the Dairy and Food Commissioner of Virginia covering the fourth quarter of 1914. This is the only mention of this particular bottling works that I can find. The article does mention that the Dairy and Food Commission had taken up the water question; however, had claimed he could use it at his own risk, and it was another agency that shut him down. I have yet to see any bottles from this particular bottler; however, someday one has to surface.

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