The first period mention of the Clinch Valley Bottling Company (referred to as Clinch Valley Bottling Works) was in an announcement about the selling of lots in Richlands by the Richlands Development Company on June 21, 1907 in the Clinch Valley News.(3) The company is mentioned again on July 3, 1908, and the names J. M. Wilson and W. L. Baker are listed as the proprietors.(3) According to George Buskill, the "old brick Soda bottling plant", which further information has shown me that he is referring to the Clinch Valley Bottling Company was located on the east corner of Tazewell, Avenue and Front Street.(1) Actually this location is their second location as a May 5, 1910 blurb states, "They are erecting a handsome new two-story brick building just west of their present location"(2), I wonder exactly where their present location was? There is an empty lot just east of the two story building they built on Tazewell and Front. There was indeed an older building on that corner, could that building have been where they started operations?

A May 19, 1910 blurb announces that the new brick building is just about ready for occupancy for not only the Clinch Valley Bottling Company, but the local Masonic Order(2), which I would assume would have been meeting upstairs. The plant bottled Strawberry, Lemon, and Ginger flavored drinks which could be bought from the plant for twenty five cents for twelve bottles.(1) They also bottled Cream Soda, Grape Dew, Cola Queen, and Lemon Sour.(2) The last time I have found the company listed was in the Quarterly Report of the Dairy and Food Commissioner of Virginia published in the third quarter of 1915, where in their Ginger Ale is tested by the inspectors.(4) A W. P. Rogers is listed as proprietor.(4)

This building was the second location of the Clinch Valley bottling Company

May 5, 1910 ad for Clich Valley Bottling Company claiming that they "will soon be in their new quarters" which is referring to their impending move into the above building they were in process of building at the same time this ad was ran in the Tazewell Republican newspaper.

Hutchinson bottle from the Clinch Valley Bottling Company of Richlands, VA

From the collection of Phillip A. Townsend, photo by owner
Hutchinson bottle from the Clinch Valley Bottling Company of Richlands, VA

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