The Diamond Ice Company of Bristol, VA was incorporated on January 15, 1891.(2) In 1897 the officers of the company are listed as Henry C. Wood as President, and A. Pierce Pepper as Secretary Treasurer and manager.(1) It wasn’t until 1903 that the Diamond Bottling Works appears with the partnership of George C. Anthony and William W. Davis, known as Anthony & Davis, listed as proprietors.(1) The odd thing is that the Bristol city directory for 1905 lists the company as being located at Washington Street near State.(1) Anthony & Davis appear to live at 643 Goodson.(1) The Diamond Ice Company was purchased by the Goodwyn Coal & Ice Company in 1909 in order to expand their own operations.(3)

This was the location of the Diamond Ice Company; however, I don't know if it was the location of the bottling company.

Bottle from the Diamond Bottling Works of Bristol, VA

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