Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company is listed in the 1930 Beverage Blue Book as being located at 408 Peachtree Street (2); however, as this location is in reality a house, I would guess that this was the company owner’s house. Jessie L. Overman is the owner of what in the 1930-31 city directories is called the East Tennessee Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company, which is actually located as 247 West Market Street.(1) They advertised that they were bottling Pepsi-Cola and Pilot Pale Dry Ginger Ale which was a trademark of the Acme Ale Corporation of Richmond, VA at the time.(1) On May 1, 1931 the Nehi Bottling Corporation is incorporated (3), and located at 247 West Market Street, so it would appear that the company was sold to them just prior to that time.

The location of this bottling company still stands and has now been modified from a two room stricture to a one; however, you can still tell by the windows and doors that this used to be two retail spaces. The one on the left used to be the bottling plant.

This is an ad I found in the 1930-31 City Directory for the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company that was located at 247 West Market Street.

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