There is a building in Elizabethton that has lead to much speculation that there was a Coca-Cola bottler in said town. While this building does indeed still have the decorative elements that would normally be found on a bottling plant of the era when it was built, the lack of bottle evidence has led me to believe for a while that this "plant" was in fact a warehouse for another bottling company in a neighboring town. Research has now proved that I am indeed correct and that this building was in fact a warehouse for the Dixie Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Bristol, VA. While there is mention of Dixie Coca-Cola in the 1939 city directory I don't think they have built the building yet as they list their address as 200 Lee Street Bristol, VA; however, in the 1941 they are listed on East "E" Street at the corner of Elm Street with J. Gose Boggs is the local manager.(1) The ad placed in the same city directory reads like an introduction which leads me to believe that this was the year that they opened the warehouse in Elizabethton. By 1949 William J. Harkleroad Jr. is listed as manager of the warehouse.(1) The warehouse is listed at the same location as late as 1976(1), but is no longer being used for that purpose today.

This is the Coca-Cola building in Elizabethton, Tennessee

Close up view of the Coca-Cola stone bas-relief sign on the side of the building

Aforementioned introduction ad for the warehouse

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(1) Baldwin's City Directory 1939-1976