In a September 29, 1926 blurb in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph it is announced that a new industry in the form of a “big pop factory” would be coming to Bluefield, VA. It claims that the details of this would be released later, but mentions that outside people with some money to invest in an industry continue to look at Bluefield, VA.(1) The details did come later as an October 28, 1926 article was published in the Graham News section of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph which noted that the "new bottling man" H. C. McCabe had his company going good that the publishing of the article.(1) His leader was named "Mi-Hi" and due to the description of it being a "mighty snappy drink"(1) I would have to assume that it was a ginger ale; however, I wonder if maybe the name of the leader is spelled wrong and its meant to be Ne-Hi. It turns out that H. C. McCabe was the brother-in-law of John G. Epping who owned a long operating bottling company in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, and that this plant was a branch plant for this main plant.(1) I'm still not sure where this particular bottler was located not having access to a 1926 city directory; however, the company doesn't show up in the 1927 city directory so I doubt they made it past 1926.

6 1/2oz Epping “Estb. 1863” deco bottle dated 1927. This bottle resembles the Epping bottles found in the area; however, it is green. None of these bottles I’ve found in this area have Bluefield, VA embossed on the bottom, and the usual color is clear.

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