The earliest mention of the G&L Bottling Company that I can find is in the Beverage Blue Book where it is listed in both the 1923 and 1925 editions; however, isnít listed in the 1930 edition.(1) They are also mentioned in a list of other companies in the Pocahontas News section of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph.(2) Not only did G&L Bottling Company bottle soda, but they also distributed Schlitz Near Beer, this was during prohibition after all. Iím not sure exactly where they were located, but it is possible that they may have purchased the bottling works formerly known as the Magic Bottling Company which was located at 619 East St. Clair Street. Which is indeed vacant by 1930 according to the Sanborn Maps, which of course corresponds with the company no longer being listed in the Beverage Blue Book, while I know that the Crist Bottling Company was still in existence at this time.(1)

G&L Bottling Works bottle dated 1924

Ad for G&L Bottling Company

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