I created a display for the 2010 State of Franklin Bottle Club of Johnson City TN. Again this year and this time I broke out the second largest brand collection I have, the Orange Crush collection. Enjoy.

This is the entire display. I actually tried a bit harder this year. LOL!

Both towers of the display. The left tower starts with a blue Wards Orange Crush 6oz on the left to a greenish Ward's Orange Crush bottle, then a early 6oz with an interesting kicked up bottom, then another interesting bottle with the bottler information actually embossed around the heel of the bottle, and a later 6oz Orange Crush. The nest row starts with a "O-C Beverages" 7oz, an 8oz bottle, a "O-C Beverages" 8oz, a 7oz Orange Crush bottle with crushy embossed on the front, and a "O-C Beverages" 7oz with crushy embossed on it.

The next row starts with a squat 6oz "orange peel" bottle, next is a 6oz orange crush bottle with crushy facing left, and finally the tall 6oz with crushy facing to the right, then we have a Bob-O-Link bottle which was an early Orange Crush flavor line, and beside that is a Ski-Hi which is a taller version of the Bob-O-Link. The next row starts with a tall 6oz amber bottle used for only about four years, 6oz squat amber bottle, 7oz amber acl bottle, a later 7oz Orange Crush bottle, and an 8oz amber Orange Crush bottle.

The right tower starts with a mid-1950's 7oz "Mae-West" clear bottle, a later 7oz "mae-west", an 8oz clear Orange Crush, 8oz Orange Crush Drink. The next row starts with a mid-1950's 10oz Orange Crush with Orange Crush in green on the neck, the next is a 10oz with Return for Deposit on the neck, then a much later 1980's 10oz Crush bottle, and a 12oz clear Orange Crush.

The next row starts with a 7oz amber Orange Crush "Mae West", 10oz amber Orange Crush with an all over orange peel texture, and 10oz amber Orange Crush smooth body bottle, and a clear Orange Crush bottle from the middle east. The last row starts with a 12oz Lemon Crush from Mexico, Two 10oz Orange Crush green bottles one with Return for Deposit on the neck and one without, and a 12oz amber Orange Crush.

The middle section starts with the Old Colony section which was a later beverage line for Orange Crush. We start with a 12oz amber from Canada, beside that is a 1946 Old Colony from Marion, VA, then we have a Old Colony 7oz bottle from Canada which mimics the Orange Crush Krinkle bottles, then a 10oz 1965 Old Colony bottle from Johnson City, Tenn., and finally a later 10oz Old Colony Beverages bottle. On the shelf is a 32oz Denver Broncos Orange Crush commemorative bottle, then a 26oz Orange Crush, in the middle is a paper label Crush-Dry still sealed and full, then we have a 24oz Orange Crush, and a 26oz "Mae West" Crush from Canada. On the front edge is a Billy miniature Orange Crush bottle from miniature, and a Lemon Crush soda glass. In front of the shelf are 16oz Crush bottles including a rare Sugar Free Crush 16oz still sealed, and a Canadian clear No Deposit bottle. In front of that is a tall amber Crush No Deposit/No Return and its clear still sealed clear squat counterpart. Between all of those are some crush caps and bottle opener in a case. On the left are the Mexican crushes, first being an embossed Orange Crush, then a tall amber Orange Crush acl, a later Crush bottle, and two modern Mexican Orange Crush bottles.

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