In 2011 I again set up a display for the State of Franklin Bottle Club’s bottle show. This time it was a new brand that I had started collecting after purchasing several as “Hey that’s neat” items, so I decided to jump in with both feet. That brand is the Mil-K-Botl and Mil-Kay collection. Enjoy.

The first shot is of the entire display.

Both towers of the display. When I started collecting the brand I never realized how many different variations that this brand has had over the years. I also have found paper label bottles from the same parent company as Mil-Kay, those being Dair-E and Sun Drop Lemonade.

A closer shot of the middle of the display reveals the rarest items of the collection, including the milk bottle style Mil-K-Botl, which is most likely the earliest for this band would take, the wooden six bottle carrier for Mil-Kay Orange Phosphate, and finally the 1938 12oz Mil-K-Botl black acl bottle. I wrote an article on the brand for Soda Spectrum magazine in 2011, and have included the expanded version of that article along with all of the bottle variations that I have in my collection along with go withs. Just click on the Say Mil-Kay link.

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