The McClure Bottling Company, Inc was incorporated on September 14, 1914 (1) with Mark G. French as President and S. J. Colley as Secretary Treasurer, and Otis L. Sifers as manager.(2) It appears that the bottling plant was located on the now empty lot where the Chevrolet garage once stood to the left of the bridge coming as you are coming from Council, VA. There is even a small hollow on this lot which has water flowing down from it, which may possibly be what is referred to as “Pop Factory Hollow” by Dennis & Diana Reedy in their book Haysi Virginia: Community and Family History which has a concrete reservoir located in it to catch water from a spring near the top.(2) The company bottled King Cola, a brand created by the Virginia Beverage Corporation of Salem, VA, along with other flavors such as orange, grape, strawberry, etc.

Tragedy struck in 1921 when Otis Sifers was killed by Harrison Lee.(2) It is believed that the company was taken over by a Toby Byers, who was a depot agent in Haysi in 1921.(2) In fact the 1923 Beverage Blue Book lists the company as the Haysi Bottling Company, which may indicate that Byers renamed the company.(3) Pros Sutherland is sited as having operated it for the last year of its operation, and eventually turned the building into a garage for Dodge; however, the building was struck by lightning in 1928 causing the fire which destroyed the building.(2) In fact the company is listed as the McClure Bottling Company in the 1925 Beverage Blue Book, but isn’t listed in the 1930 edition.(3) This leaves us with the fact that the company ceased operations during that five year span, and there wouldn’t be another bottling company established in Dickenson County.

This lot is where the McClure Bottling Company was located.

McClure Bottling Company 6 1/2 oz bottle, that would have been used for their flavor line.

From the collection of Frank Anderson, photo by Joseph Lee
6 1/2oz King Cola from the McClure Bottling Company

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