Isaac Greenspon emigrated from Russia in 1888, he first settled in Bramwell, WV as a merchant.(2) In 1893 he moved to Radford VA where he started the Radford Ice Manufacturing Company.(2) The Radford Ice Plant burned down in 1903 (5), and Greenspon decided that upon rebuilding the plant he would include a bottling department called the Radford Bottling Works, and set about acquiring the machinery and supplies to do so in 1904.(4) In 1907 Greenspon moved back to Bluefield where he opened a general mercantile business at 368 Bluefield Avenue.(2) He is partnered with Solomon and Norman Kwass in a new ice plant in 1910. This operation was called the Greenspon-Kwass Ice Company which was located in Pocahontas, VA.(2) The Greenspon-Kwass Ice Company was dissolved on February 15, 1912 (2), and Greenspon started the Isaac Greenspon Manufacturing Company for which he had purchased equipment on February 13, 1912 from the Liquid Carbonic Company. (6)

The location of this company was beside his mercantile business, the address is given as 374 Bluefield Avenue (2); however, the Sanborn maps actually place it at 372 Bluefield Avenue. This company concentrated on the manufacturing of all flavors of soft drinks during the summer, and producing ciders and candy during the winter months.(2) The company is listed in the 1919-1920 city directories at 145 Bluefield Avenue (1), and while it is listed in the Beverage Blue Book of 1923, it is no longer listed in the 1925 edition.(3) Isaac Greenspon continued to operate his mercantile business until 1940 when he retired handing it over to his son David Hirsch Greenspon.(2) He died on February 27, 1948 due to a back injury he received after a fall on an ice covered sidewalk on Bluefield Avenue three weeks prior.(2) I know that the majority of this page isnít about the bottling company itself; however, I felt that the story of Isaac Greenspon as one of the early pioneer merchants of Bluefield, WV deserved to be included.

This is the location of the Isaac Greenspon Manufacturing Company of Bluefield as it stands today, I think I can safely say, that although modified, this is the original building.

From the collection of Whitey Snow, photo by Joseph Lee
early 8oz I. G. M. CO. (Isaac Greenspon Mfg. Co.) bottle

7 oz Isaac Greenspon Mfg. Co. bottle dated 1917

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