Still wrapped in mystery is the Lime Cola Bottling Company of Pennington Gap, VA. The first ad I found for them was in late 1946, so I would have to say that they appear to be another company, like Tri-City Beverage, that was started by a soldier returning home from World War II. Granted that's all conjecture; however, the timing is interesting. Unlike Tri-City, I doubt the operated very long mainly due to every bottle I have found so far is from 1946, and their competition was Pepsi-Cola from Norton, VA, Coca-Cola from Middlesboro, KY, Red Rock Cola from Appalachia, VA, and Royal Crown Cola also from Appalachia VA, and I'm sure that Pennington Gap was within their distribution area. A lesser known cola didn't stand a chance and Lime Cola was that lesser known. If they survived a year I will be surprised; however, I have only scratched the surface of this company's story.

7oz Lime Cola bottle dated 1946

This is the first ad I found for Lime Cola in the Powell Valley News from late in 1946.

This is the another ad I found for Lime Cola in the Powell Valley News from the same time period.

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