Upon satisfying the condition of not getting involved in the bottling business for a year, after selling his portion of the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company which he had founded in the teens (3), J. M. Huneycutt incorporated the Huneycutt (J. M.) Corporation on August 10, 1920.(4) By 1922 the company has picked up a franchise to bottle Chero-Cola, and is located at 405 Callahan Avenue, in a building has been referred to as the “Huneycutt Building”. This building once housed the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company which had been relocated to a new building up the street by D. D. Parks. The Beverage Blue Book confirms that J. M. Huneycutt is owner of this bottling company in the 1923, 1925, and 1930 editions.(2) The company built a new building by 1929 at 407-409 Callahan Avenue.

They have changed their name to the Nehi Bottling Company by 1947, and J. E. Huneycutt is listed as a member of the Virginia Bottling Association under the company’s name. Apparently he took over after J. M. Huneycutt. The July 08, 1954 Kingsport Times reported that the building that once housed the Nehi Bottling Company in Appalachia, VA were gutted by a fire earlier that week.(1) They also mentioned that the buildings were "formerly" occupied by the company at the time of the fire; however, there was some bottling machinery still in the building.(1) According to the owner of the Nehi Bottling Company of Whitesburg, Kentucky, his father purchased the company, and its franchise, in the early 1950’s. In fact it is his company that supplies Appalachia with their products to this day.

This empty lot was the location of the Chero-Cola / Nehi Bottling Company in Appalachia, VA. The only thing left is what is left of the concrete floor of the building.

From the collection of Frank Anderson, photo by Joseph Lee
6 1/2oz Chero-Cola straight side bottle from Appalachia, VA

Early Chero-Cola Bottling Company ad from June 28, 1922.

6oz "Pyramid" Soda Water bottle from Appalachia, VA

7oz embossed Nehi bottle from Appalachia, VA

A 1932 Nehi Bottling Company ad

From the collection of Frank Anderson, photo by Joseph Lee
12oz Royal Crown Cola with debossing on the neck from the late 1930’s

12oz Royal Crown Cola dated 1948

12oz Nehi Beverages dated 1950

From the collection of Frank Anderson, photo by Joseph Lee
10oz Royal Crown Cola dated 1954

From the collection of Frank Anderson, photo by Joseph Lee
Royal Crown Cola crate from Appalachia, VA

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