The Nu-Grape Bottling Company of Bristol, VA begins operations at 1109 West State Street in 1924.(2) The company's officers are Marvin W. Kay, and Walter J. Jarrett.(1) They are bottling Nu-Grape, a grape soda based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Eye-Se, which was Nu-Grape’s flavor line. The company has changed its name to the Kay Bottling Works by 1930 (1), and is bottling their own flavors in K. B. W. deco bottles. It seems that they may have lost the franchise rights for Nu-Grape in their area as the Nu-Icy Bottling Company of Johnson City was incorporated in October 1929. Nu-Icy was the flavor line which replaced the Eye-Se as Nu-Grape's flavor line, and they are advertising Nu-Grape in 1932. In fact the Nu-Grape Bottling Company of Bristol, VA is no longer listed in the city directory for 1932.(1) It is very likely that the company was yet another victim of the Great Depression. Marvin W. Kay appears to remain unemployed until at least 1938, but he has opened Kay's Grocery at 400 State Street by 1940.(1)

By my best estimation this was the location of the Nu-Grape Bottling Company of Bristol, VA. Like most of the old bottling company sites this is now a parking lot.

6oz Nu-Grape bottle

A Nu-grape ad from May 12, 1927

6oz Eye-Se bottle

photo by Charlie Barnette
An Eye-Se cap from Bristol, VA

KBW (Kay Bottling Works) deco bottle

A green K.B.W. bottle dated 1930; however, it has no town name.

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