The Nu-Icy Bottling Company opens in the spring of 1928 at 701 South Roan Street.(2) They are bottling Nu-Icy which was introduced in 1927 as a flavor line of the Nu-Grape brand which they are also most likely bottling. The company incorporated on October 29, 1929 with Charles R. Morris, Vaughn Miller, and John R. Cotter signing.(4) They are listed in the 1930 Beverage Blue Book (3), and the 1930-31 city directories list John R. Cotter and his son John R. Cotter Jr. as proprietors.(1)

They purchase a fleet of four Chevrolet Six Cylinder trucks from the local Chevrolet dealer on June 7, 1931.(2) They are advertising the New Nu-Grape in July 1932 (5), and George G. Price is listed as Manager of the company in the 1932-33 city directories.(1) A May 24, 1933 letter responding to a letter sent from the Nu-Icy Bottling Company of Rogersville, Tennessee inquiring about the equipment of the Nu-Icy Bottling Company of Johnson City gives us a clue as to when the company closed down.

This is the location and newly purchased delivery fleet of the Nu-Icy Bottling Company June 1931

8oz (half-pint) Nu-Icy bottle dated 1928

Nu-Icy Orangeade bottle cap

This April 16, 1928 full page ad appears to be the first ad ran by the company introducing Nu-Icy to the Johnson City area

Nu-Icy Lemon soda bottle cap

A July 15 1932 ad for “The New” Nu-Grape, which begs the question where are the Johnson City Nu-Grape bottles?

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