The Obbagy Brothers / Chero-Cola Bottling Company were located at 112 Center near the rail road tracks diagonal of the Passenger railroad station.(1) While they werenít listed in the 1923 Beverage Blue Book(2), they first show up in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph on December 21, 1924 where it is mentioned that the bottling company is located in the rear of their other business the Little Hungry restaurant.(1) One of the Obbagy Brothersí names was Andy Obbagy; however, I have found no reference to the name of the other Obbagy brother. Aside from the Little Hungry and the bottling company the brothers also run a large merchandise store all located in the same building at 112 Center Street.

In 1925 they were bottlers of Chero-Cola, and Grape Melo, a Chero Cola brand which would evolve into the Nehi brand, and Orange Crush. They would replace Grape Melo with Good Grape, which was the first brand produced by the company that would eventually create Double Cola.(1) The company does indeed appear in the 1925 Beverage Blue Book; however, they arenít listed in the 1930 edition.(2) From what I have been told the Obbagy family left Pocahontas due to harassment and boycotts by the local chapter of the Klu Klux Klan. It appears that the Crist Bottling Company purchased the bottling plant from the Obbagys when they left the area, and also picked up the franchise for Good Grape.

The building you see has been built on the same lot that the Obbagy Brothers building once stood on.

6oz Chero-Cola Soda Water bottle

An ad for the Chero-Cola Bottling Company of Pocahontas, VA from April 14, 1925

6oz Orange Crush bottle

An ad for Orange Crush from September 6, 1925

6oz Straight Side bottle from the Chero-Cola Bottling Company of Pocahontas, VA. This bottle was most likely used for a flavor line, or other brands that didn't have dedicated deco bottles.

An ad for the Chero-Cola Bottling Company and the Little Hungry Restaurant from May 16, 1926

Good Grape deco bottle dated 1927

An ad for the Chero-Cola Bottling Company of Pocahontas, VA from April 10, 1927

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