The Orange Crush Bottling Company appears to be the former St. Charles Bottling Works which was owned by G. W. Barker who put the plant up for sale in November 1922. I don't think he ended up selling it, but with a new partner moved the operation to Pennington Gap, VA. On my page for the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of Appalachia, VA, I noted at the end of the story that there was a mention in the local paper that after he shut down the company in 1922, D. D. Parks the owner, sold his bottling equipment to the partnership of Jackson & Barker of Pennington Gap, VA on March 18, 1925, which tells me that Barker is still very much involved in the bottling business.

In a book on collecting Orange Crush bottles I happened upon a picture of a Ward's Orange Crush bottle cap from Pennington, VA. Of course the Ward's label was dropped from usage as part of the name in the early 1920's so this cap would have been from the first half of the decade. While I have seen two caps, I have yet to see a bottle embossed with Pennington or Pennington Gap, VA on the bottom; however, there should be some out there.

This is the Ward's Orange Crush bottle cap from Pennington, VA

A bottle cap from the Orange Crush Bottling Company of Pennington Gap, VA

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