Crockett Brothers / Pepsi-Cola Bottling Works of Johnson City, Tenn 1909

On January 14, 1909 the Johnson City Bottling Works has purchased the Star Bottling Works from the receivers after it went bankrupt in September of 1908.(1) The purpose of this was to lease the operation to the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Works.(1) This bottling works was to be managed by Charles S. Crockett.(1) So we have James E. Crockett over the Johnson City Bottling Works, and his brother Charles S. Crockett is over this new sister company Pepsi-Cola Bottling Works.

There has never been a more perfect place for a Johnson City bottle that I have known about for a long time, but knew nothing about, to fit. This is the bottle below which reads “Bottling By Crockett Brothers Johnson City, Tenn”. It is obvious to me that while the bottling company may have been named Pepsi-Cola Bottling Works, either something went wrong with the franchise, or they decided to order bottles that they could use even if they lost the franchise. Other than that I don’t know anything about this bottling company; it may have not lasted very long at all.

Photo by Charlie Barnette
Crockett Brothers bottle Johnson City Tennessee

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(1) The Johnson City Comet newspaper