While visiting the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Norton, VA, I was told that this company was actually a distribution center for their company in Tazewell. I never did get a definitive answer as to why they are advertising as the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Tazewell, VA, and can only assume that since they were located in the farthest reaches of Pepsi of Nortonís franchise area that they essentially operated as their own entity. This appears to have stopped fairly early on which explains the sudden lack of this type of advertising after the first year or so. This also explains the lack of physical evidence in the form of bottle caps, crates, and bottler receipts for this company as they would have been using these items with Norton, VA listed as the town. As a rule I have avoided including distributing centers on this site as in reality they are just an arm of their respective parent companies; however, this one will stay due mainly to their advertising as a different entity. This will answer the questions that future people who come here searching for this company thinking, as I did for a long time, that it was a bottling plant.

When you look at the way the door is laid out, it is pretty obvious this is a distribution center rather than a bottling plant, there just isnít much room for bottling equipment, in fact this was something that nagged at me prior to my visit to Norton.

An ad from the Clinch Valley News June 24, 1960

Pepsi-Cola "Swirl" bottle dated 1962

An ad for the company from 1962

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(1) Clinch Valley News June 24, 1960