The Red Rock Bottling Company was incorporated on November 12, 1946 with L. Max Haiston, who was president (1), Mrs. Ina B. Haisten, and E. A. Haisten.(2) An ad ran on April 24, 1947 announces, "Now Red Rock Comes To Johnson City" and continues to add "Ask for Red Rock Cola 7oz Bottle 5 cents". The plant was located at 516 West Market Street.(1) The company didnít last long and is gone by 1950 (1), possibly sooner due to the bottles from the company all being dated 1947.

April 24, 1947 Red Rock Cola introduction ad.

This was once the location of the Red Rock Cola Bottling Company of Johnson City, TN. If you look closely you can see what is left of the foundation of the building that once stood here.

July 26, 1947 ad from the Red Rock Cola Bottling Company.

7oz Red Rock Cola bottle dated 1947

Two Red Rock Cola ads, the one on the left is from the 1947-48 city directory, and the other is from July 19, 1947.

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