R. F. POWERS & Co.

R. F. Powers and Co. bottling company was owned by Robert Franklin Powers, and manufactured Phosphates, Ginger ale, Soda Pop, Beerine, Kos Kola, etc.(1) The odd thing about R. F. Powers is that I can't seem to find a location for the company, I thought that it was the Coeburn Bottling Company building which was located behind the Coeburn Grocery Company; however, on both the 1908 and 1913 Sanborn map it is clearly noted that this is the Coeburn Bottling Company. To further confuse things by the 1920 census Powers is living in St. Paul and listed as manager of a bottling plant. The obvious question, is he manager of the St. Paul Coca-Cola Plant? The census doesn't specify.

From the collection of Charlie Barnette, photo by Joseph Lee
Hutchinson bottle from the R. F. Powers & Company of Coeburn, VA

Early crown top bottle from the R. F. Powers & Company of Coeburn, VA

Special Thanks to: The Abingdon Virginia Historical Society for the use of their resources in my research.

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(2) "Annual Report of the Secretary of the Commonwealth to the Governor and General Assembly of Virginia" published 1925