Between December 1, 1915 and February 30, 1916 the Dairy and Food Commission of Virginia inspected a Sanitary Bottling Works in Richlands, VA.(1) That is all I have on this company, but there are two possibilities for the existence of this company. The last mention I have found of the Clinch Valley Bottling Company is in the third quarter of 1915, so it is possible that they sold the company and the new owners renamed it. Or it is possible that Mr. Robertson of the Clinchfield Bottling Works sold his operation to someone else after he left the area, and this is where this new company comes from. Just like the Clinchfield Bottling Works, I have seen no bottles from this company, and even fewer mentions of it in the local newspapers.

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(1) Quarterly Report of the Dairy and Food Commissioner of Virginia-December 1, 1915 and February 30, 1916