The St. Charles Bottling Works was owned by G. W. Barker, who in June 1922 was bottling "Orange Crush, Konut Soft Drinks of all kinds". The company is obviously older than that and may have even bottled Coca-Cola at one point, as there is a Coca-Cola bottle from St. Charles, VA, and the bottle design matches the style of straight sided Coca-Cola bottle from the mid teens. G. W. Barker placed an ad on November 17, 1922 announcing that he was wanting to sell his bottling equipment, "including cases, bottles, and whole equipment", the ad stopped running by the end of the year but no mention of the plant being sold. It appears that Barker actually ended up with a partner named Jackson and moved the operation to Pennington Gap, VA.

The ad from June 30, 1922 advertising the products offered by G. W. Barker's St. Charles Bottling Works.

From the collection of Tommy Fouch, photo by Joseph Lee
Bottle from the St. Charles Bottling Works of St. Charles, VA

From the collection of Phillip A. Townsend, photo by owner
Bottle from the Sanitary Bottling Company of St. Charles, VA

Photo by Reggie Lynch
It appears that during the teens this bottling company was bottling Coca-Cola as this type of straight side Coca-Cola bottle attests to.

The ad from November 17, 1922 advertising the bottling company for sale.

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