September 2009 Tazewell County Historical Society Presentation

Back in September 2009 I gave a presentation on Tazewell County soda bottlers at the Tazewell County Historical Society. While I was very nervous and not really used to public speaking, the people of the historical society were very patient with me, and all in all it was a good experience which I would like to repeat at some point. Unfortunately there is only one picture from this presentation, since I was talking and couldn’t take too many pictures. I did donate some bottles from the Tazewell County area to the historical society, and they presented me with a local history book "Tazewell County Virginia" by Louise Leslie.

The calm before the storm, the bottles range from Bluefield, VA on the left, to Richlands, VA, Tazewell, VA, and finally Pocahontas, VA on the left. In front of the bottles is a letterhead from the Nehi Bottling Company of Bluefield, VA (right), a letterhead from the Sun Rise Bottling Company of Tazewell, VA (middle), and the framed items from my Grey display which consist of a Was-Cott Ginger Ale receipt, and a brain teaser game advertising Rhythm Punch.

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