According to the Gate City Herald, G. B. Darter, W. M. Richmond, and W. L. Starnes started a new bottling plant in the basement of the McConnell building(1) around July 1907.(3) The blurb also mentions that Mr. Richmond is going to be in charge of the operation. Now comes the speculation, in 1910 the Virginia Dairy and Food office list two bottlers that they inspected in Gate City, VA.(2) These were the Gate City Bottling Works and the Virginia Bottling Works(2), as the Gate City Herald failed to mention the name of this new bottling plant we are left speculating as to which one of these was the plant opened in 1907. Also there is the question of a possible connection to the Virginia Bottling Company of Clifton Forge, VA, and the Virginia Bottling Works of South Boston, VA both of which opened in 1907 as well. In light of this I have to say that the plant started in Gate City, VA in 1907 is most likely the Virginia Bottling Works.

From the collection of Tommy Fouch, photo by Joseph Lee
Bottle from the Virginia Bottling Works of Gate City, VA

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