The coal boom town that Appalachia, VA was is hard to see in the near ghost town that the end of the coal boom left in its wake. This town's story is indicative of many of the towns in the middle Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia. The surprising thing about this town is the shear amount of soda bottlers that this town once had operating here. While other coal boom towns like Pocahontas, Norton, Richlands, Vansant, and even Big Stone Gap, VA had from one to three bottlers each, Appalachia had at least five different bottlers throughout its history.

J. F. Hash & Sons

Appalachia Bottling Company

Cumberland Bottling Works / Company 1907-1908

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company

Virginia Wholesale Company Incorporated

Chero-Cola / Nehi Bottling Company

Red Rock Cola Beverage Company

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