In Carter county Tennessee lies the town of Elizabethton. This town otherwise known as "The City of Power" after receiving electricity in the early teens, was home to two possibly three bottlers and one warehouse during it's history. Best known among them being the Watauga Bottling Works which operated from around 1908 until 1929, when it was sold and renamed the Seminole Bottling Company. Later the most recognized and misunderstood portion of Elizabethton's bottling history was built, that was the Coca-Cola building on E Street, which contrary to popular belief never bottled, but was actually a warehouse. At the request of fellow collector and amateur historical Charlie Barnette I decided to incorporate this section of the area into the website.

Watauga Bottling Works 1907est-1929

Seminole Bottling Company 1929-1931est

Dixie Coca-Cola Warehouse 1941-unknown

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