About nine miles from Bluefield is located the coal boom town of Pocahontas, VA. In the late 1800's and into the early twentieth century, this town was the company town of the Pocahontas Mining company. After the coal boom the town started to shrink in population. Today this town is in a serious state of decay. This is a sad state of affairs for a town that once had so much. If you were to take a walk in Pocahontas today you would be teleported into the past by the sheer amount of beautiful old buildings that still line her streets. This history lover's dream actually had quite a few bottlers within her town limits through the years. We start with the Cummings & McKinney Bottling Company which would become the F. P. Cummings Bottling Company, then we have the Pocahontas Bottling Works which would be the longest lived and goes by so many names throughout its history to list here, the G&L Bottling Company, and last but not least the Obbagy Brothers Bottling Company.

Cummings & McKinney / F. P. Cummings Bottler 1892-1899

Magic Bottling Works 1906-1911 (?)

Kwass Bottling Works 1912-1919

Stupalsky & Cummings Incorporated 1922-?

G&L Bottling Company

Obbagy Brothers Bottling Company

Crist/ Pocahontas/ Spur / Nesbitt's / Falls Mills / Double Cola Bottling Company 1919-1982

Pocahontas Liquor Dealers

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