Straddling the state line between Virginia and Tennessee is Bristol. If ever there was a small community with some interesting bottling history, Bristol is it. It appears that the first soda bottler in the area was J. W. Waynick who operated during the early 1890's. Then you have the arrival of Bristol Bottling Works later in the 1890's, this bottling company would later become Dixie Coca Cola Bottling Works. Then you have 1907 when Bristol had its own version of the cola wars as Dixie Coca Cola pitted itself against Rush Bottling Works (they bottled a cola. I'm not sure which brand), and new comer Holston Bottling Works (who was bottling Koca-Nola and Dr. Pepper among others), with advertising in the Bristol Herald Courier as their battlefield.

J. W. Waynick Bottling Works 1890-1895

Bristol / Dixie / Coca-Cola Bottling Works 1890 est - 1986

Diamond Bottling Works 1903-1905

Rush Bottling Works 1905 est-1907

Holston Bottling Company 1906-1908

Bristol Bottling Works 1910

J. C. Layman Bottling Company 1908-1926

Bristol Chero-Cola Bottling Company / Twin City Chero-Cola Bottling Company 1916-1925

Bristol Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company 1916-1918

Nu-Grape Bottling Company / Kay Bottling Works 1924-1931

Wyrick Mineral Spring Company 1920-1935

Fox Drinkard Beverages 1929-1938

Nehi Bottling Company / Royal Crown Bottling Company 1929-1970

Seven-Up Bottling Company 1940-1968

Tri-City Canada Dry Bottling Company 1950-1976

Special Thanks to:

The Bristol Public Library and the King Collage Library for allowing me for the use of their resources in my research.

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Postcard with aerial view of Bristol