Kingsport, TN, aka the Model City, apparently started its life around 1916; however, it existed a short distance away prior to that, in the area of the Netherland Inn situated on the Holston River. This was where Kingsportís first bottler would appear. Iím speaking of course of the Howard Milling Company which dipped its fingers in many different industries beginning in the late 1800ís. Kingsport had many different bottling companies over the years; the only problem is that very few of them lasted more than a handful of years. The longest running being the Chero-Cola Bottling Company, and the Coca-Cola Bottling Company, but when the latter closed its doors in 1972 it ended the history of bottling in Kingsport.

The Howard Milling Company 1906-1910 est

Tenn-Cola Bottling Company 1916

Kingsport Bottling & Candy Company / Kingsport Pepsi-Cola / Kingsport Chero-Cola / Royal Crown Bottling Company 1919-1950

Julep Bottling Company 1931-1940

Nesbitt-Fleenor Bottling Company 1940-1942

Holston Bottling Company 1941-1942

Cheer-Up Dough Boy Bottlers, Inc. / Beverages, Incorporated 1942-1948

Kingsport Bottling Company 1942-1943

Seven-Up Bottling Company 1945-1948

Nesbitts Bottling Company 1948-1959

Canada Dry Bottling Company of Kingsport, Tennessee 1948-1950

Coca-Cola Bottling Company 1951-1972

Pop Kola Bottling Company 1960

Giant Food Markets 1946-1984

Special Thanks to: The Kingsport Public Library and the Archives of the City of Kingsport for the use of their resources in my research.

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