The town that I concider to be my hometown is the town of Richlands, VA. I, like nearly everyone who lives there, never knew that Richlands once held two bottling companies throughout it's history. The oldest known is still standing on the east corner of Tazewell Avenue and front street. The newer one was located where Burger King is now.

Richland Bottling Works 1906-1907

Clinch Valley Bottling Company 1907-1915

Clinchfield Bottling Works 1914-1915

Sanitary Bottling Works 1914-1915

Richlands Bottling Company 1925

Richlands Beverage Corporation 1925-1930

Seven-Up Bottling Company 1947-1964

Special Thanks to:

The Tazewell County Public Library Richlands Branch for the use of their resources in my research.

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